1st Annual Bakers Dozen “Ultimate Cinnamon Roll Challenge”

Well there are eating contests and then there are eating contests, if you have a tremendous sweet tooth then maybe this one is for you.

Heartland Inn & Cafe located at 9101 Ridge Road in Girard is sponsoring their 1st Annual “Ultimate Cinnamon Roll Challenge”. The event will take place on April 2nd at 1pm.

The Challenge: to eat 13 “Ultimate Cinnamon Rolls” (9-10 inches across, 2-3 inches high with icing)

Time Frame: 2 hours, the first contestant done or closest will be the Ultimate Winner!

Chef Rachel will oversee the Challenge.

Contestant Entrance fee: $20 each

Interested parties, please call Heartland at 814-774-0344. Contestants will also be asked to collect monetary pledges from sponsors, either by the cinnamon roll or a flat donation. There will be a prize for the most donations obtained.

All donations will be given to Because You Care, a non-profit Charitable Rescue Organization dedicated to the welfare of small animals.

Sounds like a great way to have some fun and support BYC!

For more details on the Cinnamon Roll Challenge and the Spring Fling at Heartland Antiques & Gifts CLICK HERE!

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