At Home with Christie – Declaring my Independence


Christie Mahany
Christie Mahany

Declaring my Independence

Or, rather… the fact that I have a life.

As an entrepreneur, it’s so easy to get lost inside the business. I’ve pulled odd hours, late hours, and even later hours. I’ve missed events that were really important. I’ve stressed myself out trying to be in two places at once. At times it was necessary, but other times I could have made some better choices. More boundaries. Fewer commitments. More uses of the dreaded word “no”.

mompreneur-WEBI’ve been afraid in the past to say things that would lead my clients to believe that I wasn’t 100% focused on real estate. I would try my hardest to accommodate their schedule, even if it meant throwing my personal one into chaos. I never, ever mentioned family time. I would get to the end of August and realize that I missed out on summer. Again.

I’m making a commitment up front and in writing that I will make family time and personal time as important as my work. I’m openly telling people that I can’t work certain days because I already have family time scheduled. I am actually walking away from my phone for hours at a time. For me, that’s progress. I’m thinking about having a full weekend where I disconnect from technology and work entirely. And I’m noticing that I’m getting more respect from clients for it. They want to honor my family time as much as I want to honor theirs. After all, we all deserve to have a life outside of work.

So if you have any helpful tips or ideas to share, please let me know.

Have a great Independence Day week.

At home, Christie

About Christie Mahany:

Christie Mahany
Christie Mahany

On any given day I’m a full time real estate agent, momma and chief wrangler of two kids and two dogs, married to a guy who essentially hunts and fishes for a living, and happy residing on the outskirts of Erie, PA. Sometimes I fool myself into thinking I have superpowers, except my cape is usually in the laundry…I hope. It’s all in a day’s work.

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