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Christie Mahany
Christie Mahany

I try very hard to keep up on housekeeping, but sometimes during a busy week, things slip a little. As luck would have it, that week usually happens right before an impromptu date night arises, and we have a babysitter coming over. I’ve gotten to the point where I know SHE knows that it’s not normally like this…but sometimes I clean anyway. If you read my article on apologizing for a messy house a few weeks ago (see it HERE) you know my thought is that if you’re worried about it, it’s probably cleaner than most. However, sometimes it really does need some attention. So here’s what I do (as fast as possible)…

1. Clean off the surfaces (Coffee tables, kitchen counters, floors, couches, pretty much anywhere horizontal). Grab a basket and toss anything that doesn’t belong in that room in the basket. If there’s time to put it away, great…if not, I stash it until after they leave. Give anything obvious a quick wipe down.

messy-room-WEB2. Quick clean the bathrooms. People always need to use the bathroom when they come over, right? Pull the shower curtain over, and wipe down the sink and mirror and make sure the toilet is presentable. Is the room fully supplied with soap and toilet paper? Swap out for some clean towels and go.

3. Quick clean the kitchen. Clear the counters of clutter, load any dirty dishes in the dishwasher and quick wipe off the counters/stove. This is not the time to clean under the burners. This is not the time to reorganize any cabinets. If I get the obvious dirt or food off, I’m good to go.

4. Speed vacuum or dust mop. I only do the obvious areas in the rooms that are going to be seen. If I’m not sure, I start at the front door and work from there.

5. Do a quick walk through. Is there anything I missed? Do I look presentable? I don’t want to look like I just ran around speed cleaning my house.

Finally, I take a deep breath and realize that ultimately …. Who am I kidding… I usually grab a cup of coffee and a cookie and pray they either don’t see the crumbs, or don’t care.

At home, Christie

About Christie Mahany:

Christie Mahany
Christie Mahany

On any given day I’m a full time real estate agent, momma and chief wrangler of two kids and two dogs, married to a guy who essentially hunts and fishes for a living, and happy residing on the outskirts of Erie, PA. Sometimes I fool myself into thinking I have superpowers, except my cape is usually in the laundry…I hope. It’s all in a day’s work.

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