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Christie Mahany
Christie Mahany

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Q. My wife and I are currently renting and are already paying more in rent than some of our friends mortgage payments, but just don’t have much for a down payment. Are there any options for us, and what is the price range of most “starter” homes.

A: There are absolutely options available! Plenty of people right now are in the same situation. Depending on what you have going on, and which house you’re looking at, you could be able to get seller’s assist, maybe some lender credits, or even some gift money from family. All of this probably sounds like mumbo-jumbo, so the key here is going to be finding a great agent (like yours truly) who can connect you with a great lender to maximize the money that you DO have. Kudos to you for saving up with the big picture in mind! With interest rates as low as they are, it IS usually cheaper to buy…again, we would have to review your personal situation to determine what would work best for you. As for “starter homes” – that’s a personal preference as everyone’s idea of a great starter home is different. There are great homes in every price range. What you can afford will be about what you’re used to now. If you’re affording a basic apartment, you can expect to afford a basic house. The key is to talk to somebody who actually looks at your situation and can give you answers (unlike well meaning friends and family, who we love, but who aren’t always, shall we say…accurate). Arm yourself with information and facts and make the decision from there. After all, you can always decide to rent another year after investigating your options thoroughly. No harm in checking it out!

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