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Christie Mahany
Christie Mahany

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Q. Is there a better time of year to buy a house, is there a time of year when sellers are more motivated?

A: Hmmmm… good question. Good deals can be found any time of the year, but typically the people moving in the middle of a blizzard are moving out of need, not necessarily out of want.

Summer is a very popular time to move – warm weather, school’s out – but as the days and nights get cooler the market follows suit. It’s a very common fear for sellers (and their agents!) to think “If I don’t get this sold before the snow flies, it will sit until Spring”. Some sellers even take their houses off the market during the holiday seasons.

Autumn is great because there’s still quite a few listings, the weather is amicable, and there can be less pressure as a buyer. Especially this Autumn, being an election year, I think everyone is holding their breath waiting to see which way things are going to go in November.

So if you’re in the market as a buyer, think about making a move now. You’ll likely have a decent selection, less competition, and you still have time to get into your new place before the holidays.

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