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Christie Mahany
Christie Mahany

“Why do I need a real estate agent?” Ahhhh, yes. This is a tough one…because, really? You don’t.

**GASP! The real estate agent just said you don’t need an agent!**

Well, think about it… People list and sell on their own all the time. There’s a plethora of information out there – websites, tv shows, the articles, blogs, webinars, seminars – so many people more than happy to tell you exactly how to buy, sell, flip, rent, renovate… You get the idea. You can DIY anything under the sun if you find the right tutorial. Why would real estate be any different? And, I’ll be honest, I’ve had a hard time answering that question without stumbling over my reasoning and feeling a little “sales pitchy”…like I’m justifying my job…until now.

If I asked you to navigate a minefield successfully, how would you go about it if you’ve never done it in real life? Seeing a picture of one or watching a few YouTube videos will give you an idea of how it is, but does that give you the confidence to try it yourself when your life is on the line? And real estate is nothing if not a minefield….there is always something blowing up and slowing everything down. So wouldn’t you choose to have someone with some experiential knowledge as a guide? Someone with a little wisdom to impart along the way?FSBO-WEB

Andy Andrews says in his book “The Noticer” that wisdom is “the ability to see, into the future, the consequences of your choices in the present.” He talks about how anyone with some common sense and a hint of wisdom should be able to tell the difference between right and wrong. He goes on to say that “it takes a truly WISE person to discern that oh-so-thin line between good and best.” That’s the key – discerning between good and best.

That’s what you get when you work with a great agent – the wisdom and experiential knowledge to hold your hand, to lead you through and say “hey, I’ve been here before, and this is what we do to get you the best possible outcome.” Brian Buffini says you need someone to hold your hand with the mud hits the fan…and there isn’t an app for that.”

So my answer now to that question is you don’t need a real estate agent – you really don’t – but you just might want one.

At home, Christie

About Christie Mahany:

Christie Mahaney
Christie Mahaney

On any given day I’m a full time real estate agent, momma and chief wrangler of two kids and two dogs, married to a guy who essentially hunts and fishes for a living, and happy residing on the outskirts of Erie, PA. Sometimes I fool myself into thinking I have superpowers, except my cape is usually in the laundry…I hope. It’s all in a day’s work.

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