Brandi Hobbs, Still Shooting For Gold

It seems as though Edinboro native Brandi Hobbs and her Perazzi shotgun are constantly on the move. Just in the past few months she has traveled to the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Co, Can-Am Cup competition in Dalmatia Pa and Montreal, Quebec, and also to Tucson Arizona, Umbria Italy. She added these trips to 2011 travel going to Switzerland, Italy, France.

Brandi as a, Biology/Pre-Med student, somehow manages to balance her studies and travel. Shortly after the semester at Edinboro University began for her she was off again, traveling to 2012 World University Championships in Kazan, Russia. Brandi was able to cross another goal off her list by making the finals, placing 6th, in an international competition shooting against the some of best in the world. Brandi barely had time to unpack from Russia and she was off to Colorado Springs again.

As one might imagine it takes a great deal of determination and focus to compete at this level, and Brandi has been able to keep her edge and maintain her spot on the USA Junior National Team. Brandi has even sought help with an eye problem that was effecting her shooting and has been able to overcome that and continue being a winner.

Like many athletes competing and representing their family, their community, and the USA, Brandi is in need of sponsors to help cover the cost of travel and the other necessities of travel. As a reality of our times some sources of funding have been cut and it makes it more difficult for athletes to continue. To that end, if you would like to help Brandi continue to represent Edinboro and the USA a “Donation” button has been provided. No amount of support is too small and is greatly appreciated by Brandi.

If you would like to contact Brandi regarding a company or corporate sponsorship, she can be contacted through Send us an email and we will forward to her. wishes Brandi the best of luck in her quest for the gold.

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