Brody Alexander Wise Took The Oath of the Eagle Scout on Sunday February 12th

Brody Alexander Wise took the Oath of the Eagle Scout on Sunday February 12th at WLD Ranch in Girard. Brody is a member of French Creek Council Troop 73 in McKean and started his scouting career as a Tiger Cub Scout at only 6 years old. His parents are Tom and Rebecca Wise and his Scoutmaster is Mike Zentis.

Only 1% of all boys involved in scouting attains the Eagle Scout Rank which involves earning all previous ranks, serving in a leadership role in their troop for 6 months, and earning at least 21 merit badges. Brody earned 33 merit badges over his 6 years as a boy scout. To earn the Eagle rank, scouts must also get letters of recommendation from their teachers, clergy, and civic leaders and complete an Eagle Scout project that serves the community. The project involves planning, financing, and managing each part of the process. Brody and his team built 20 amphitheater benches for WLD Ranch with financial support from donations, and physical labor from other scouts. Finally, to earn Eagle, scouts must complete two culminating interviews with their troop and council leadership boards, which Brody successfully finished in December.

Interestingly, Brody is one of 5 young men from the same Cub Scout den from McKean Elementary School who are earning Eagle Scout rank this year in Troop 73. The others are Tony Damore, Andrew Zentis, Louis Scouten, and Jacob Lenhardt. All 5 boys are seniors at GMHS and have been working toward this ultimate goal as scouts for 12 years – going camping together, hiking, doing community service projects, leading younger scouts, and of course, getting merit badges. It is remarkable that all 5 of them are becoming Eagle Scouts when so few boys ever attain this goal! At his ceremony on Sunday Brody thanked the other 4 scouts, and gave awards to several adults who mentored him along his journey: his parents, his brother, Quillan Wise (a Troop 73 Eagle Scout from 2012), Jacob Malec (GMHS Band Director), and Joe Cieslak (Troop 73 Scout Leader).

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