Lancer Letter.. 05-09-11

Legacies by Richard Scaletta The technology world often adopts words and redefines them. When referring to “legacy software,” the reference is to a piece of software that has been superseded, but because of wide-spread use, is difficult to replace. This is viewed negatively by some in the technology profession. When we speak of the legacy […]

More On The PA Budget Talks

With all the discussion lately on the pending changes in funding to all areas of state government, there has been particular interest in how the education budgets will fair in the upcoming fiscal year. Here is an additional audio report just released from Rep John Evans on the ongoing talks. Evans on Budget05-09-2011 CLICK HERE […]

John Evans Reports…05-06-11

Bill Would Prohibit Unsolicited Text Messages from Advertisers By Rep. John Evans (R-Erie/Crawford) In this day and age of modern technology moving by leaps and bounds, text messaging is becoming an increasingly popular and effective way for businesses and advertisers to reach new customers. However, to many people on the receiving end of these text […]

Department of State Changes Passport Application Requirements, Says Evans

HARRISBURG – In conjunction with the U.S. Department of State and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Rep. John Evans (R-Erie/Crawford) would like to inform residents of important changes to passport application requirements. The U.S. Department of State has made it mandatory for the full names of an applicant’s parent or parents to be listed on […]

Edinboro, Bloomin’ Purple!

The “Beautification” committee with the Edinboro Growth Initiative after discussion, decided to start an initiative to help build community spirit. It is not a mandate, only a suggestion, and they are hoping there will be many that will become part of it. Many businesses and homeowner’s already put in flower gardens and they applaud each […]

Lancer Letter 05-03-11

Budget Updatet by Richard Scaletta The budget cuts to education proposed by Governor Corbett are getting a great deal of attention in the press these days. As districts struggle to balance their budgets, parents are coming to understand what impact it will have on their children’s education. Rallies are being held and two mothers sponsored […]

John Evans Reports….04-29-11

Be Prepared for Weather Emergencies By Rep. John Evans (R-Erie/Crawford) With all of the major weather disasters that have occurred during the past couple of weeks within Pennsylvania and across the southern portion of the United States, it is always a good idea to make sure you are prepared for emergencies. The most important plan […]

Lancer Letter.. 04-26-11

We’ve Got Talent by Richard Scaletta If you were asked a question and could only conceive of two possible responses, your answer would be limited. Each possibility would have a 50% chance of being chosen. Middle school is a time when children ask many questions of themselves: Who am I? Who will I be? What […]

John Evans Reports…04-22-11

Bill to Prohibit Dangerous Chemicals in Certain Bath Salts By Rep. John Evans (R-Erie/Crawford) To help discourage the prevalence of new chemical compounds that are being used to get high by drug users, the House has passed legislation to ban the chemicals in products sold in Pennsylvania. Within the past few months, instances of people […]

Lancer Letter 04-19-11

Words That Annoy by Richard Scaletta (To be read in the style of Andy Rooney.) Have you ever noticed how certain words and phrases come into vogue and are then overused? Take for example the word “crisis” and its use by television news anchors. It seems that in the war of superlatives, everything must be […]

John Evans Reports…04-15-11

April is Donate Life Month By Rep. John Evans (R-Erie/Crawford) Organ Donor Month Audio Report Every 11 minutes, someone is added to a transplant waiting list. Even though an average of 75 people receive organ transplants each day, an average of 20 die every day because of the shortage of donor organs. While organ transplantation […]

Lancer Letter.. 04-12-2011

Mr. GM by Richard Scaletta Is it possible for adolescent males to have fun without being rude, crass or gross? If you answered no, you’ve probably spent time with adolescent males; but, you probably did not attend the annual Mr. GM pageant at the high school last week. This fun event is proof positive that […]

John Evans Reports… 04-08-11

Governor’s Budget Proposal Not the Final Word on Higher Education By Rep. John Evans (R-Erie/Crawford) As the state legislator who represents Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, I was greatly concerned about the devastating reduction in funding for the State System of Higher Education in the budget proposal. I wasn’t alone. Many of my colleagues and I […]

Lancer Letter … 04-05-2011

Strategic Planning Core Values by Richard Scaletta As most people in the district know, we have been working this year to develop a strategic plan. We invited the public to 13 meetings in the fall and also met with all our employees to discuss our strengths. In January and February, we went back to those […]

John Evans Reports…..04-01-11

PA to Mark State’s Role in Civil War By Rep. John Evans (R-Erie/Crawford) This spring marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War, which broke out April 12, 1861. Throughout four long years of war, our Commonwealth played a crucial role in helping to preserve the Union. In 1860, Pennsylvania was the […]

St. Patricks Day Around the Boro

St Patrick’s Day was observed in all it’s green glory around the area this year. Some truly Irish and wanting to honor their heritage, and still many others not wanting to pass up an opportunity for another good party. Last Saturday saw many friends, family, and parishioners gather at Our Lady of the Lake Church, […]

John Evans Reports………03-18-2011

Bill Moves Forward to Partner Public, Private Entities for Infrastructure Projects By Rep. John Evans (R-Erie/Crawford) Legislation that will seek to help our state’s growing infrastructure needs has endorsed by a key committee in the House. House Bill 3, which would enable Pennsylvania to enter into transportation-specific public-private partnerships, passed the House Transportation Committee on […]

Around the Boro

Seems to be many things a changing again around the Boro, we think it must be spring! Local news today told of the University president announcing his exit. No comment there, but we did come across some recent activity to try to bring the Edinboro University Homecoming Parade back to the community streets. There is […]

Lancer Letter 03-15-11

School Budget Issues by Richard Scaletta While there are many wonderful things happening at GM that I would like to share with you, I feel I need to use this Lancer Letter to address the impact of the state budget cuts on our district. First of all, let me say that I am learning in […]

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