At Home with Christie – What To Update

At Home with Christie – What To Update

Editor Note: Follows is a question from an reader for Christie, you may send your question to Q. Christie, we are planning on selling in less than 5 years but have some cash to do some remodeling. What would be the best things to invest in to bring a good return and help […]

At Home With Christie – When To Buy?

At Home With Christie – When To Buy?

Editor Note: Follows is a question from an reader for Christie, you may send your question to Q. Is there a better time of year to buy a house, is there a time of year when sellers are more motivated? A: Hmmmm… good question. Good deals can be found any time of the […]

At Home with Christie – Starter Home Question

At Home with Christie – Starter Home Question

Editor Note: Follows is a question from an reader for Christie, you may send your question to Q. My wife and I are currently renting and are already paying more in rent than some of our friends mortgage payments, but just don’t have much for a down payment. Are there any options for […]

At Home with Christie – Getting Competitive

At Home with Christie – Getting Competitive

Getting competitive. This is a crazy time in real estate. It’s spring here in NW PA, interest rates are low, and it’s close enough to the end of the school year that buyers who have to work around kids in school feel comfortable moving forward with…well, moving. If you’re thinking about buying a home, you […]

At Home with Christie – Keeping Perspective on Inspections

Keeping Perspective on Inspections Oh inspections… How I love/loathe you so…. That’s not entirely true. I love inspections. I think inspections are some of the best money you will ever spend on a house, providing they are approached correctly. It’s only when they’re are not treated appropriately that the *loathe* part of the equation comes […]

At Home with Christie – Declaring my Independence

Declaring my Independence Or, rather… the fact that I have a life. As an entrepreneur, it’s so easy to get lost inside the business. I’ve pulled odd hours, late hours, and even later hours. I’ve missed events that were really important. I’ve stressed myself out trying to be in two places at once. At times […]

At Home with Christie – Junk Drawer Essentials

I have an awesome toolbox. It’s one of those that has a place for everything, and everything has its place. I have a separate bag for extra stuff – caulk, nails, wall anchors – and even a backup toolbox that hold things like my cordless drill, stud finder and laser level. It’s so extensive that […]

At Home with Christie – Worth The Wait

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the phrase “real estate deals are like making instant pudding: nothing, nothing, nothing, then suddenly it’s done.” I usually say that while we are waiting – waiting on other people, waiting on banks, waiting for something to happen. We do a lot of stirring of that […]

It all Comes Down to Trust.

Trust is HUGE in this business. If you trust me to list your house, you’re trusting me to tell you the truth about everything, to make decisions based on my hard earned knowledge and previous experience, and to advocate for you from start to finish. Last week I had the words “I don’t believe you. […]

At Home with Christie – My Day Off

Thoughts I have on my day off. “I’m taking today off. I’m going to sleep in.” “That’s right…I have two kids. What was I thinking? Must get up. Maybe if I lay here quietly they’ll think I ran away from home.” “It’s your day off, quit checking your email.” “I should check my appointments for […]

At Home with Christie – “I almost deleted these words”

I almost deleted these words. I don’t like complaining. Okay, that’s not entirely true. Some days I love to get together with someone fabulously like-minded and just absolutely unload. Especially if there’s chips and dip and any beverage involved (Wise chips, if possible and French onion dip, of course – unless you have a hookup […]

Real Estate & College; Like PB&J

Is your high school student graduating this year or next? Or are you like me and just getting into the other end of that spectrum? Mine are currently 5 and 1. I’m still getting the hang of Kindergarten and fantasizing about no longer needing a babysitter, much less sending them out into the world on […]

What Do I Do When My House Doesn’t Sell?

What do I do when my house doesn’t sell? When I first got into the business (in 2003) if I was talking to a first time homebuyer, they were likely looking to be in the nicest house they could find in the $80K-$120K price range, with as little of a down payment as possible, usually […]