Wise Words – Cosmetic Safety

Wise Words – Cosmetic Safety

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise A cosmetic is any product applied to the body or face to improve its appearance. This includes make-up, dyes, lotions, cleansers, defoliants, perfumes/colognes/after-shaves, sunscreen, tooth pastes and whiteners, nail polishes, shaving creams, powers, etc. These products contain chemicals that can cause allergies, irritate or increase sensitivity, or interact with other […]

Wise Words – Multiple Sclerosis

Wise Words – Multiple Sclerosis

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease where the protective coverings of your nerves (known as myelin sheaths) are destroyed. The cause of MS is not completely known but researchers believe a combination of genetics plus triggers such as viruses or other environmental factors such as smoking or lack […]

Wise Words – The Disease of Kings Really Hurts!

Wise Words – The Disease of Kings Really Hurts!

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise The Disease of Kings Really Hurts! One evening you are sitting on your couch enjoying the football game, when suddenly your big toe starts throbbing! You can’t stand the pain and grab some ibuprofen which relieves the pain a little, but you struggle with this for several days and take […]

Wise Words – Autoimmune Disorders: Suppressing VS Supporting the Immune System

Wise Words – Autoimmune Disorders: Suppressing VS Supporting the Immune System

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise Do you know how important your immune system is? Your immune system is extremely important because it is your body’s way of protecting you against foreign organisms that could make you sick (e.g. bacteria, viruses, and fungi.) When your immune system attacks its own healthy cells, instead of foreign organisms, […]

Wise Words – Are You Feeling SAD This Winter?

Wise Words – Are You Feeling SAD This Winter?

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise Are you SAD this winter? Everyone goes through times of sorrow, due to loss, loneliness, uncertainty, etc. but depression is something more severe than just sorrow. Seasonal Affective Disorder is appropriately abbreviated SAD because it is a form of depression that comes and goes based on the time of year, […]

Wise Words – Healthy Resolutions

Wise Words – Healthy Resolutions

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise As we come to the beginning of another year, it’s time for new resolutions again. The tradition is to mark New Year’s Day a new beginning with new promises. Traditionally, each person makes one promise for change for the year, and announces it publically. Saying it out loud makes you […]

Wise Words – Edema and Swelling

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise Edema is swelling caused by excess water trapped in your body’s tissue, usually in the hands, arms, feet, ankles and legs. It occurs when tiny blood vessels in your body (capillaries) leak fluid. The fluid builds up in surrounding tissues, leading to swelling and can be the result of medication, […]

Wise Words – Incontinence

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise Incontinence is life altering and can be psychologically devastating. Folks who live with this condition often end up not wanting to leave home, and therefore become less social and therefore depressed, or stressed which can lead to a chain reaction of other illnesses and diseases. Incontinence has several types: Male […]

Wise Words – Sexual Dysfunction Due To Medications

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise When starting a new medication, it is always advisable to notice any physiological changes occurring in your body for the first month or so and discuss these changes with your physician. If the benefit if the medicine is more than the disruption to your body, he may not change it. […]

Wise Words – Caffeine And Your Meds

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance in over 60 plants but the most familiar is the Coffea plant or “bean”. It helps these plants by acting as a pesticide and herbicide against species with which it competes. It has been used by humans since the Stone Age as a way […]

Wise Words on “Nicotine and Medications”

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says smoking accounts for nearly ½ million deaths in the US each year (1 in 5 Americans). Also, for every one person who dies, 30 more suffer from a smoking-related chronic illness. Nicotine itself is not considered a carcinogen, though it does have deleterious […]

The Spice of Life!

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise As a species, we have added spices as flavorings and preservatives to our food for nearly 100,000 years but we have known for nearly as long that many of these spices help us stay healthy. Spices may just be “the Spice of Life”! However, just like any other chemical you […]

Wise Words – Well This Is Just A Disaster!

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise Well This Is Just A Disaster! Disasters, whatever kind they may be, are something that many of us are probably not prepared for. Since we can’t predict when these disasters and emergencies happen, knowing how to prepare and then being prepared is critical. While being prepared for a situation like […]

What is the Best Time to Take My Medication?

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise Chronotropy, or taking medication on a schedule that maximizes the efficacy of the medication, while allowing for a flexible dosing schedule that fits your lifestyle can be challenging. This is especially true when taking several different medications. However, understanding how your medication works and knowing the best time of day […]

Hello, Allergy Season!

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise Allergies are something that many of us deal with every day, especially as spring and summer weather finally arrive. Many of us are also allergic to medications and foods as well. But allergies are often confused for intolerances and vice versa. So what’s the difference? Although the symptoms caused by […]

Planes, Trains, and Meds, OH MY! : Traveling With Your Medication

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise When traveling with your medication there are multiple factors to consider which may seem overwhelming. For instance, proper storage requirements for your medication, how much medication you will need while traveling, the best way to transport/carry your medication, and which travel vaccines or preventative treatments do you need prior to […]

Food-Drug Interaction

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise Normally when we hear the term “drug interactions” most of us think of how one medication can interact with another, or how that medication can affect another condition that we may have. However, have you ever stopped to think about how the things that we eat and drink can affect […]

The Science Behind Snacking

Submitted by Dr Becky Wise The Science Behind Snacking Food cravings. None of us are innocent when it comes to our favorite snacks, whether it be ice cream, chips, or loaded cheese fries. These cravings in general are usually for a particular food or drink and are different than normal hunger. At times, they can […]

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