Wise Words … 06-02-11

What is sunburn? by Dr. Rebecca Wise Sunburn is a visible reaction of the skin’s exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the invisible rays that are part of sunlight. Ultraviolet rays can also cause invisible damage to the skin. Excessive and/or multiple sunburns cause premature aging of the skin and lead to skin cancer. Skin cancer […]

Wise Words 05-26-11

The Difference Between Brand and Generic Medications by Dr. Rebecca Wise What’s the difference between a brand-name and a generic medication? You know it has something to do with price. If you’re like most people, however, that may be all you know—which leaves you wondering whether “going generic” means compromising quality for cost. In short, […]

Wise Words… 05-16-11

Calcium by Dr. Rebecca Wise Taking calcium—either through diet or supplements—is a little like making deposits into a bone bank account. If you keep a healthy balance of this mineral, your body is able to build and maintain bone, which is a living, ever-changing tissue. Not only does calcium keep bones and teeth healthy, it […]

Wise Words… 05-04-11

Caffeine by Dr. Rebecca Wise Present naturally in more than 60 different plants, caffeine comes to us compliments of the coffee bean, kola nut, tea leaf, and cacao pod, among others. Caffeine is widely recognized as the most popular mood-altering drug in the world. For anyone who wakes up and smells the coffee (or tea), […]

Wise Words…..04-26-11

What is Poison Ivy and How Can I Avoid It? by Dr. Rebecca Wise First, poison ivy does not contain poison. It is actually an allergen that about 85% of people have a reaction to. There are three different plants that Americans collectively call “poison ivy”: poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. They each […]

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