Survive The Snow And Ice With These Winter Driving Tips

Winter means updating your outerwear to include mittens and a thermal jacket, but before you hit the road, have you also updated your winter driving skills? When temperatures drop, roads can become more dangerous, meaning you need to change how you drive. Steve Magnante, SPEED collector car expert and “On-the-Block” reporter, offers some valuable tips […]

Simple secrets for dodging holiday weight gain

The holidays are full of fun activities, tasty treats and plenty of celebration, but being busy and eating all the extras can quickly lead to weight gain. With a few key strategies, it’s surprisingly easy to enjoy the season to the fullest and still avoid Santa’s extra bulge. Dr. Christopher Mohr is a fitness and […]

Four Common Photography Mistakes To Avoid

It seems everywhere you go these days people are snapping pictures. Smart phones with cameras, pocket sized point-n-shoot, and DSLR cameras allow more people to enjoy this exciting hobby. Here are some tips that might help you get better photos, whether of your family events to just a hike in the woods, photos help you […]

What’s The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health?

A friend shared this with us and we thought it so important it needed to be passed along to our readers. It is a post by Dr Mike Evans, A Doctor-Professor answers the old question “What is the single best thing we can do for our health” in a completely new way. Dr. Mike Evans […]

Dear 16 Year Old Me

Recently this showed up on our Facebook link. The message is so powerful we thought we would share it here. If you are touched by it, please pass it on.

Do you practice “Safe Computing”?

Recently John Evans in his weekly report had an article about not being caught by the scams and frauds this Christmas. Keeping with that theme we decided to review a few pointers about computer safety. “Tis the season” that many of us will do a higher than usual amount of online shopping, using our credit […]

Lancer Letter 11-21-11

Thanksgiving 2011. This week we celebrate Thanksgiving which could also be referred to as the nationally sanctioned day of gluttony. Admittedly, I’m a happy participant in the overeating of the day, but I also like the opportunity to reflect on my many reasons for gratitude. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be associated […]

Lancer Letter 11-16-11

Reporting Progress. Several years ago, I was in the records room of the high school and came across two very interesting books. The first was a large ledger book with the the following penciled on the front: Edinboro High School 1920-1935. In it were names of students, carefully typed or handwritten, and the final grade […]

Lancer Letter 11-09-11

What a week! The week of October 29–November 5 was a good example of some of the great things that happen in this school district. On Saturday, October 29, the GM Lancer Marching Band once again competed in the championships of the Lakeshore Marching Band Association. For the sixth time in the last decade, the […]

Lancer Letter 10-18-11

Next Generation by Richard Scaletta With the passing of Steve Jobs, the world has lost one of its greatest innovators. When we consider the devices he pioneered and their prolific world-wide adoption, we realize what a significant impact his life had. General McLane’s technological history is somewhat parallel to the evolution of Apple. I remember […]

Sometimes You Need To Act

We enjoy many freedoms every day that many in the world could only dream of. The simple act of turning on a computer and viewing and writing what you feel being among them, and definitely denied to many. Still there are those who would dishonor those that gave and guarded freedoms that we have. This […]

Get Fit With “7 Minute Workout”

7 Minute Workout…..that’s an oxymoron isn’t it? I mean how is this possible? Best of all it really WORKS! This unique innovative exercise and weight loss system is the brainchild of Joel Therien and co-founder Chris Reid. It is called 7 Minute Workout and is taking the Fitness and Weight Loss Industry by storm. It […]

Five Simple Screenings To Get On The Path To A Healthy Life

(ARA) – One in two Americans is living with a chronic disease. Chronic diseases are persistent and recurring, and are typically either hereditary or the result of factors such as poor diet, obesity or lack of exercise. Dr. Ian Smith, creator and founder of “The 50 Million Pound Challenge” and “The Makeover Mile” is a […]