Eberle’s Physical Therapy Offers Baseline Balance Assessments For Youth Athlete Safety

09-02-11-GMvVincent-2There is growing awareness of the need to provide enhanced concussion management for young athletes. Research has identified balance as one of the three assessment pillars, along with standardized cognitive assessment and a symptoms checklist for making safe return-to-play decisions following a head injury event.

Eberle’s Physical Therapy is offering the community a series of balance assessment clinics. We will be utilizing our NeuroCom balance technology to establish a reliable baseline of an athlete’s balance function. Taking this step prior to potential injuries creates an invaluable reference point for measuring injury impact. This data provides objective information about a player’s balance performance to help clinicians make safe return-to-play decisions.

The primary benefits of a baseline assessment are:
* Objective data for safer return-to-play decisions
* A clear picture of what is “normal” for each athlete
* Improved athlete safety

Here are some of the program details: All local area youth athletes who are participating in a sport where there are potential for head impacts should consider this assessment. The entire balance assessment can generally be completed in less than 20 minutes. As a community service, Eberle’s Physical Therapy is offering the assessment for this valuable balance baseline is only $15.

Eberle’s Physical Therapy can be reached at 814-734-7444 or stop by their facility at 103 Walker Drive, in Edinboro, PA and talk with Mark Eberle about how the assessment program works. The benefits of this program can not be overstated if you are a young athlete.

EdinboroOnline.com encourages all young athletes to contact Eberle’s for an assessment, this will allow you to practice the sport you love in a safe manner.

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