Edinboro Antique Dealer Announces Store Closing

There comes a time with many businesses that for whatever reason it is decided that it’s time to close.

Lady Gray Antiques has become somewhat of a fixture of downtown Edinboro, but, after 10 years, it too is now announcing it’s time to close.

Mark Gray of Lady Gray Antiques has set Feb 24th as the last day for the store at 114 Erie Street in Edinboro, citing health reasons for the closing.

Lady Gray will be closing out all it’s remaining items with cash-only sales until the closing date.

Many items remain…. collectibles, guns, coins, military memorabilia, and one of a kind items were always a staple at Lady Gray’s.

As a final note EdinboroOnline.com would like to thank Mark and Lady Gray Antiques for their generous support of the community and the efforts of EdinboroOnline.com. Mark supported our efforts in the community from the beginning and will certainly be missed in downtown Edinboro.

Godspeed Mark!

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