Edinboro Elementary School Receives Grant to Bridge Kindergarten and Preschool Curriculum

EDINBORO, PA (December 20, 2016) – The Pennsylvania Department of Education selected Edinboro Elementary School as one of the recipients of a $4,000 grant to help foster the vital collaborations and connections necessary for student success from birth through grade 3.

The Governor’s Institute: P-3 Collaboration-Working Together for Student Success Grant brings school districts, early learning providers and community organizations together to strengthen instructional strategies to promote a comprehensive set of early learning standards and to develop and implement an action plan in their local settings.

“Now that we are more connected than ever with early education programs, we want to help prepare kids more when they are coming to Kindergarten,” said Edinboro Elementary School principal Randy White. “Through this grant, we are creating and implementing a more comprehensive way to share information and make sure that the kids are ready to be here.”

Edinboro has three early education programs in its region: the Growing and Learning Center housed at Edinboro Elementary School, the YMCA of Greater Erie’s Early Learning University housed on the campus of Edinboro University, and Jack and Jill Preschool housed at the Edinboro Presbyterian Church.

Through this grant, Edinboro Elementary School will work with its area preschools to bridge between kindergarten and preschool curriculums through regular meetings and professional development. The goal from these continuous efforts is to meet students entering kindergarten where they are to increase student performance, align assessments to Early Learning standards and have teachers well-versed in best practices.

“There are more higher expectations now than ever before at the Kindergarten level and it’s essential to meet the needs of our earliest learners in the community,” White said. “This is the missing transition piece needed that will provide alignment and communication between us and the preschools.”

Through this collaboration, Edinboro Elementary will forgo the standard assessment for incoming kindergarten students and instead begin conversations through student portfolios with Edinboro preschools regarding students’ strengths and needs and to better prepare programming.

The grant will be used to allow all kindergarten teachers time to observe in the area preschools, access preschool students skills using a stand assessment tool, train preschool and K-1 teachers in the Concrete Representational Abstract CRA methods of teaching math and purchase interactive, math learning activities that support the CRA model of instruction.

There were 67 stipends awarded in the 2016 P-3 Governor’s Institute, based on an application process. Recipients attend a weeklong event that provides the framework and discussion for implementation and sharing of strategies and programs to enhance student achievement.

General McLane School District serves students in kindergarten through twelfth grade in Franklin, McKean and Washington Townships, as well as the borough of McKean and Edinboro. The District also serves tuition students throughout Erie County.

To learn more about General McLane School District, visit generalmclane.org.

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