English Tire – “Home of Bottom Line Pricing”

While it might seem like an unlikely place for a tire business, in many ways it’s close to the action. English Tire is located at the corner of Route 215 and Old Albion Road, just outside of Albion, PA.

On any given day you will find Brian & Kevin English working on anything from a garden tractor tire to some of the largest AG tires around. You’ll also see plenty of cars and trucks coming and going, getting tires repaired, replaced, rotated, and checked.Picture-148-WEB

They like to keep things simple at English Tire, life is complicated enough these days without making things more difficult. That’s why they are the home of “Bottom Line Pricing”. When you get a tire quote, well that’s the bottom line, no extras like mounting, and balancing, and disposal. The price is the price, simple as that, only thing extra on your receipt will be sales tax, and that’s just one complication they can’t change.

English Tire also offers batteries by Interstate.

Brian and Kevin are also well acquainted with the agriculture business and in the season offer a baling service, round bales and bale wrapping, give them a call for more details.

English Tire is a long time sponsor of EdinboroOnline.com and we urge you to check them out the next time you are in need of tires or tire services. Give them a call at: 814-756-4096 or 800-657-1652

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