Fat Willie’s Wing House In Edinboro Scheduled To Open Aug 4th

Bill Correll, owner of the new Fat Willie’s Wing House, in Edinboro, announced it’s opening will be August 4th at 11AM.

Although Bill said there is still more they want to do to the former Copper Coin, they had their inspection and they are ready to go.

Patrons of the Copper Coin will find many changes inside. The “coin” bar is gone, and a new one in it’s place. There has been some discussion of cutting the old bar into souvenir pieces and selling them at Homecoming.

Walls have been torn down and moved, pool table moved, more booth and table space, more seating has been added to the deck in the rear, and trees have even been removed so there is a view of the lake from the deck.

There have even been some changes in the kitchen to help work flow and the menu will have some tasty new additions too.

More changes are planned for the entrances and parking lot, but for now everyone is ready to go.

A gathering of contractors who worked on the changes, employees, and friends, gathered at Fat Willie’s Wednesday night to sample the fare and enjoy the new place. All agreed it will definitely be a fun place to be and the food was great!

So your next visit to the neighborhood, stop and have a brew and enjoy the wings, pizza, burgers, salads, appetizers, and more. We hear the greek dogs are great too!

The website for Fat Willie’s is not completed yet but you can find them on Facebook at Fat Willie’s Wing House Why not stop on over and click the LIKE button for them?

Fat Willie’s Wing House, 205 Waterford Street, Edinboro, PA.

Photographs courtesy JLV Images, Edinboro, PA

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