General McLane Alumna To Serve As Volunteer During Olympics In Rio

EDINBORO, PA (July 7, 2016) – After reading a New York Times story about the Olympic Village newspaper during the London games, General McLane alumna Allison Churchill (’97) learned about foreign volunteers for the Olympics and quickly became interested in serving for the summer games in Rio.

Allison-Churchill-WEB“Rio was a city that had been on my “list” for a long, long time,” Churchill said. “I discovered in the Army that I work well with international groups, I like watching sports, and I was working on a master’s in journalism at the time, so I figured I’d be a shoe-in.”

She kept an eye on the Rio 2016 committee’s social media accounts and applied to serve as a volunteer in 2014. Her persistence paid off; she will be serving as a volunteer at the Olympics in Rio this August.

Churchill will volunteer in the press conferenceroom of Maracanãzinho, the indoor volleyball venue, where she will be escorting volleyball athletes and corresponding reporters to press conferences after matches.

“Some days I’m just excited that it’s their ‘winter’ right now, because I’m not a fan of really hot days! But I’m mostly excited about meeting people from all the countries,” Churchill said. “I think it’s easier to remember how small the world actually is when you’ve met people from the places mentioned on the news.”

Currently, Churchill serves as an Editorial Assistant for Guideposts Magazine in New York City. She previously worked as a Public Affairs Noncommissioned Officer for the US Army. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from West Virginia University and a Master’s Degree in Magazine Writing from New York University.

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