General McLane Declares Next Week School Driver Appreciation Week

Edinboro, PA (February 6, 2018) – Icy roads. Potholes. Freezing rain. Deep snow. Poor visibility. Monitoring students.

These are just some of the challenges school bus drivers face while transporting children to and from school every day.

In light of the recent, misleading report by the Auditor General’s office that inaccurately attacked its District drivers, General McLane School District is declaring the week of February 12 to be “School Driver Appreciation Week.” The District is asking students, parents and community members to express their appreciation to our drivers through notes, cards and letters during the week.

“I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate and value the drivers we have in our District, who serve our students every day. General McLane School District’s bus drivers take their jobs seriously and deeply care about both the safety and well-being of our students,” said General McLane superintendent Richard Scaletta. “Juggling safety and student supervision is a tough job, and we want the community to help us show that they are appreciated.”

General McLane School District employs 35 regular school bus drivers, three van drivers and 15 substitute drivers. Each day, General McLane busses cover 3,300 miles when transporting students to seventeen schools, which is the distance from here to Salt Lake City, Utah and back. General McLane’s busses cover 594,000 miles a year — 24 times around the world.

Traditionally, the District recognizes all of its employees in May and its school board members in January.

“For many children, school bus drivers are the first and last person associated with the school that students see every day,” Scaletta said. “Let’s all reach out in our own special way to tell our drivers they are appreciated and loved.”

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