General McLane High School Student, Elizabeth May, Attends Medical Forum

GM student attends medical forum

Most high school students do not get the opportunity to become a “doctor for a day” and face the complexities of diagnosing and treating a patient.

But General McLane High School senior Elizabeth May did just that when she worked in a team of four to diagnose a patient actor with Congestive Heart Failure.

May was one of the students who attended the Envision National Youth Leadership Forum in Advanced Medicine & Health Care this summer. This 10-day program was held at Johns Hopkins University and exposes high school students to real-world medical career experiences and professional opportunities in the expanding fields of medicine and health care.

elizabeth-may-gm-2016-web“No single day was the same. Each day was something different that provided us with the experience of being in medical school for a week,” May said. “Everything we did was challenging, but it gave us the opportunity to learn real-life situations without being scared that you were going to fail.”

In addition to the standardized patient encounter, May also had the opportunity to take part in a public awareness campaign. These are designed to help students understand the importance of disease prevention awareness by receiving firsthand experience in containing a public health threat.

Through this opportunity, May worked in a team to develop a campaign for skin cancer. According to May, they conducted research and created “Sun Dun,” an ingestible product that would serve as an alternative to sun screen.

“We did a ton of research and learned that the chemicals in sun screen are really terrible,” May said. “So we created something that was not so far from reality that it could be created into something that could actually be possible.”

At the end, they presented this campaign to more than seventy people.

Students also toured the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center, the University of Maryland and John Hopkins University. NYLF Advanced Medicine participates also met real medical students

“It was an amazing experience to be there and see what medical students are living through and to understand their reality,” said May. “It was fantastic to be surrounded by people who love what I love and enjoy what I enjoy. Everything we were exposed to was fascinating to us because we were eager to learn from it.”

May is currently undecided about her post-high school plans, however, she hopes to eventually become a doctor. She currently is the president of the National Honor Society and a member of the PJAS, Battle of the Books and Evironthon teams. She also has a third degree black belt in taekwondo.

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