General McLane High School Students Give Back To School Through Service

As members of the Class of 2019 near the end of their time at General McLane High School, they have found a special way to go out with a “bloom”.

General McLane High School’s Principal’s Cabinet will be organizing its first-ever “Senior Give Back Day” on Friday, May 17, 2019.

Any senior who would like to participate will be able to work that day as part of their thank you, or “give back” to the high school. Students plan on mulching, planting flowers and cleaning up to improve the image of General McLane High School’s campus.

“We have been so fortunate to attend General McLane High School for the last four years that we want to give back,” said Olivia Green, a Principal’s Cabinet member and one of the event’s organizer.

Students are currently seeking donations to help defray the costs of the needed materials. Their goal is to raise $1000 and donations can be sent to General McLane High School, ATTN: Principal’s Cabinet. Students also have created a GoFundMe page to help raise money.

According to Green, the organization hopes to expand the day in future years and invite the whole school to contribute giving back to both the towns of Edinboro and McKean.

General McLane High School’s Principal’s Cabinet is a group of students who help create a positive environment among students within the District. This group is an active member of the Positive Youth Development initiative. In fact, General McLane High School was the first school-based group to adopt the promotion of the 40 assets. The Cabinet has put on a variety of assemblies since it launched in 2007, including their annual “You Make a Difference” event.

Members of the Principal’s Cabinet include: Seth Myers, Eli Buto, Abraham Kozloff , Carlos Mamani, Spencer Conaway, Tyler Herberg, Olivia Green, Kaley Berger, Debbie Fiscus, Elizabeth Barringer, Taylor Thomas and Kendra Trezona.

To donate to the student outreach, visit

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