Gillespie Foundation Scholarships Awarded

Gillespie Foundation Scholarships Awarded

Edinboro, PA (July 10, 2018) – The H.G. Gillespie Foundation awarded twenty-five (25) $1,500 scholarships this year to General McLane School District alumni.

The following students were selected: Mallory Smail (Penn State Behrend), Steven Shinn (Penn State Behrend), Bria Kelly (Washington and Lee University), Dylan Mitchell (Penn State Behrend), Emily Tworek (University of Rochester), Olivia Ward (West Virginia University), Ryan Polaski (Slippery Rock University), Cody Gould Baldwin (Wallace University), Emily Beddick (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania), Adrian Arnt (Thomas Jefferson University), Paul Jones (Penn State Behrend), Mackenzie Mountain (Slippery Rock University), Annalisa Bankes (Cornerstone University), Max Nudi (Berklee College of Music), Maryah Glover (Rochester Institute of Technology), Michael Hess (Grove City College), Samantha Laughlin (Duquesne University), Jacob Triola (Ithaca College), Alison Stawicki (Bowling Green State University), Cody Concoby (Penn State Behrend), Samantha Shields (Penn State Behrend), Ian Parker (Case Western Reserve University), Amanda DiLoreto (Allegheny College), Sydney Shadeck (Penn State Behrend), and Michael Allison (Clarion University).

Students who have attained at least third year standing in post secondary educational institutions and second year students that anticipated third year standing by June 1st were eligible to apply.

Awards reflect primarily the applicants’ character, citizenship, and probable contributions to the futures of their communities. Race, gender, religious convictions, and quality of academic achievement do not serve as criteria for awards. GM graduates that have been awarded the H.G. Gillespie scholarship in previous years were not eligible.

In 2017, the H.G. Gillespie Foundation awarded sixteen $1,500 scholarships to the following General McLane graduates:

Lisa Yoder, Taylor Shade, Mathew Costa, Michelle Jahn, Allison Schultz, Evan Dillen, Logan Gatenby, Kathryn Getson, Michael Prihoda, Peter Solberg, Brittany Curry, Brook Dowlen, Jacob Haibach, Laura Schaefer, Clara Ashton and Daniel Hansen.

The 2019 application will become available in February.

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