Gillespie Foundation Scholarships Now Open

Edinboro, PA (January 24 2018) – The H.G. Gillespie Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2018 H.G. Gillespie Scholarship. These scholarships provide financial assistance to General McLane School District alumni.

Graduates who have attained at least third year standing in post secondary educational institutions are eligible to apply. Second year students that anticipate third year standing by June 1st should apply.

The H.G. Gillespie Foundation will award $1,500.00 scholarships to General McLane graduates in 2018. Awards will reflect primarily the applicants’ character, citizenship, and probable contributions to the futures of their communities. Race, gender, religious convictions, and quality of academic achievement will not serve as criteria for awards. GM graduates that have been awarded the H.G. Gillespie scholarship in previous years are not eligible.

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