GMHS Student, Brenna McEntee, Attended National Youth Leadership Forum

EDINBORO, PA (September 10, 2014) – In March, General McLane’s Brenna McEntee was learning what defines ethical behavior and choices at the Rotary Club of Erie’s Ethic Symposium.

Fast-forward a few months and the current senior at General McLane was using what she learned to debate the ethical issues of test tube babies.

GM Senior Brenna McEntee
GM Senior Brenna McEntee

The exploration of ethical scenarios was just one of activities offered to McEntee during the National Youth Leadership Forum: Careers in Medicine (NYLF Medicine) program in Chicago, a nine-day program for a select group of high school students to explore their passions for a career in medicine.

“The experience itself was very interesting,” McEntee said. “I really wanted to make connections with students who are also interested in the field of medicine, and I was able to do so at this program while learning a lot of great things.”

The program took place at the University of Chicago and students were introduced to issues in public health, medical ethics, research and general practice, visited top medical schools and facilities and listened to guest speakers talk about their experience in the medical field.

This year, there were forum sessions being held in 13 cities across the country to allow high school students to get a hands-on experience in and meet professionals from the medical field. NYLF Medicine is part of the Envision program, which has helped 800,000 students in 145 countries explore their interests and have one-of-a-kind learning experiences outside the classroom since 1985.

In 2014, only 5,000 high school students were selected to participate in 25 sessions occurring in 13 cities across the county including Boston, Miami and New York.

McEntee was nominated for the Forum by her math teacher, Mrs. Judy Scaletta. McEntee is a member of General McLane’s Academy of Medical Arts and Engineering Program, as well as the Band Manager and the President of the Mandarin Club.

Outside of General McLane, McEntee is an active member for the Young People’s Chorus of Erie, a youth outreach program at Penn State Erie, the Behrend College. YPC Erie is the only comprehensive youth chorus program in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Although McEntee said she enjoyed several things about the program, from learning about triage to learning about medical school and the life as a medical resident, one of McEntee’s favorite experience at the Envision Program was her visit to Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, a virtual care delivery setting, replicating all areas of patient care.

Jump introduced students to the many challenges and career options within the field of medicine – including becoming a simulation engineer. Demonstrations included the dissection of a fresh pig heart and lungs in the anatomical skills lab and a hands-on suture demonstration.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this trip, and I especially enjoyed the fact that they combined both the engineering and medical fields,” McEntee said. “We were also able to get a look at the trachea and heart of a pig – it was a great experience.”

McEntee was also able to apply what she learned at General McLane’s Academy of Medical Arts and Engineering Program, outside of the Ethics Conference.

“Several sports medicine practitioners visit Academy students during the school year and at this summer program, we were supposed to watch a live knee replacement. It was helpful that I had already learned about knee surgery from those visits. That surgery fell through at the last minute, and we watched a live kidney replacement, instead, but it still helped to have that previous knowledge,” McEntee said.

McEntee’s future plan is to go to Medical School, but she said she is keeping an open mind about what field specifically.

General McLane’s Academy of Medical Arts and Engineering was created to prepare students for careers in medicine and engineering. Through partnerships with local businesses, hospitals and universities, the curricula will be enriched with hands-on activities designed to provide students with quality, live-learning experiences.

The Academy of Medical Arts and Engineering initiated a planning phase in 2011-2012 as a result of a district strategic planning goal to enhance STEM education.

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