Goodell Gardens To Hold Monarch Butterfly Release

EDINBORO – Celebrate the magic of Monarch metamorphosis at Goodell Gardens & Homestead!

Edinboro’s botanical garden will host a Monarch Butterfly Migration Celebration and Release on Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017 from 2-4 p.m . Each person attending the event will have a chance to release a live adult Monarch Butterfly. The event will include Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle educational displays, information about rearing Monarch Butterflies, and live music by the band Flora.

Thane Contessa, 5, of New Castle, holds a monarch butterfly during the 2016 Homegrown Harvest Festival at Goodell Gardens. This year, Goodell Gardens will host a live monarch butterfly release on Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017. Tickets must be purchased by July 20, 2017 to secure a butterfly for release.

“Goodell Gardens & Homestead is designated Monarch Way Station number 1751 through, an organization sponsored by the University of Kansas, which exists to create, conserve and protect monarch habitats,” Goodell Gardens spokesperson Amber Wellington said. “We collect monarch eggs and caterpillars from the milkweed plants in our gardens during the butterflies’ southerly migration each year, raise them in captivity through metamorphosis, tag them for Monarch Watch, and then release them.”

This event, Wellington added, is designed as a way to offer an environmentally-friendly memorial release while bolstering both knowledge about Monarch Butterflies and their population in the Edinboro area. Educational displays will be up from 2-3 p.m., with the butterfly release and live music taking place from 3-4 pm. Penny Shaut Photography will be on-hand to capture images of the event.

“We are going to purchase the live butterflies from Wish Upon A Butterfly Farm in New Castle, Pennsylvania. The adult butterflies will likely stick around, laying eggs on the milkweeds here in the Gardens and throughout the area. Those eggs will hatch just in time for those new butterflies to begin their migration to Mexico,” she said.

Because the butterfly farm must raise the monarchs for this event, tickets will be sold pre-order with pre-payment only. Orders must be placed by July 20, 2017 in order for butterflies to be ready for the Aug. 27 date. Tickets to attend the event will be $15 per person ($10 for members of Goodell Gardens ), and will include one adult butterfly for release. Additional butterflies can be ordered at $7 each ($5 for members). For folks who would like to attend the event, but don’t want to release a butterfly, regular daily admission applies: $5 adults, $3 seniors, $2 children, or free with a Goodell Membership Card. Tickets can be purchased in person at Goodell Gardens during regular operating hours, by calling (814) 734-6699 or online at

“I have this vision of hundreds of butterflies being released all at the same time, and it’s beautiful,” Wellington said. “We hope we’re able to make that happen through the community’s support of this event.”

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