HYPE Squad (Helping Youth Promote Excellence) Recently Completed a Public Mural

Meadville, PA – A group of Meadville Area teens called the HYPE Squad (Helping Youth Promote Excellence) recently completed a public mural in Downtown Meadville.

Inspired by the My Meadville Heart and Soul project, a group of Meadville area teenagers began this summer developing plans for a public mural. Dan Hunter, owner of Cobblestone Cottage, sent the HYPE Squad an invitation to place their mural on the side of his small business in downtown Meadville. After just two days of painting, local residents Lexia Horger, Caleb Pennington, Senna Camp, Gabriel Phillips, Will Harrod, Altay Baskan, Meghan Steadman, Tyerra Johnson, Connor Stewart, Gabby Miller, and Adrian completed this outdoor art piece.

The mural represents values created by residents of Meadville through the My Meadville process. Volunteers listened to stories from thousands of folks across the community and distilled what they heard into 8 values: Health and Safety, Education, Inclusion, Small Town, Local Economy, Nature, Children and Youth, and Transportation. Each value also has a set of actions associated with them which were revealed last week at a massive community potluck and will be implemented by a team of volunteers in the coming months.

Moving forward, the HYPE Squad will continue to host community events and projects open to youth across the Meadville Area and at the Meadville Area Teen Lounge. To get involved, join HYPE Meadville on Facebook or email Gabby Miller at millerg3@allegheny.edu.

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