James W Parker Middle School Students Sew Marble Bags For Needy Children

James W. Parker Middle School students are combining reading, writing and sewing into one service project for needy children.

marble-bags-2016-webAfter recently reading books that focused on the importance of giving, fifth and sixth graders in the Reading Success classes are creating marble bags for children in other countries. The students have learned how to cut, hand sew and machine sew these projects.

This is a cross-curricular project that utilizes reading, writing, sewing, problem solving and teamwork skills. Their reading skills come into play by following a set of directions and investigating non-traditional text. Students are practicing their Language Arts skills by writing a letter of request to Marble King, the largest US manufacturer of marbles. They are explaining their service project and asking for a donation of marbles to fill their handmade marble bags.marble-bags-2016-3-web

There are 23 students working on this project and their goal is to create 100 marble bags.

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