John Evans Reports.. 05-20-11

Representative John Evans

Take Time to Honor Fallen Veterans This Memorial Day

By Rep. John Evans (R-Erie/Crawford)

As we begin the week leading up to the Memorial Day holiday, I want to take a moment to reflect upon the day and explain why it’s so important to keep the meaning of this day at the forefront.

Memorial Day to many people signifies the unofficial start of summer with backyard barbecues and pool parties, but to many more people, Memorial Day is a time to honor our fallen heroes.

For nearly 125 years, we have honored the fallen from all of the wars in which our country has sent soldiers. From Decoration Day’s earliest beginnings after the Civil War through World Wars I and II and Korea and Vietnam, we have paused on the last Monday in May to pay tribute to the men and women who gave their country the last full measure of devotion.

This year, we cannot forget to include our newest generation of fallen heroes. Just a month ago, Army Captain Joshua McClimans from Crawford County was the fifth from that county to die in either Iraq or Afghanistan, and in January, Corporal Jarrid Lee King, a native of Harborcreek Township, was one of three soldiers killed when enemy forces attacked their unit with a roadside bomb. As a community, we extend our sympathies to their families and make the pledge that we will always honor their legacy, their sacrifice and their commitment.

On Memorial Day, we pause to respect the memory of those who committed to being part of something larger than themselves by joining the military — whether for a short tour of duty or for a decades-long career in uniform. We honor the memory of those who not only answered the call to arms but who were willing to risk everything, even unto death, to defend America and its interests.

They took up arms to protect their countrymen and uphold our American ideals. They performed the duties of a soldier so their parents, spouses, children, friends and neighbors could live in a nation grounded in the principles of our forefathers. They served our nation, but they never came home.

Those soldiers who gave their lives on the battlefield did so because they believed it was their responsibility to defend all we hold dear as Americans. It is now our obligation as their successors to honor the memory of these individuals and to pay tribute to the actions they took which have allowed us to continue enjoying the freedoms we hold so very fear.

Please take a moment this Memorial Day to remember our fallen heroes and to respect the ultimate sacrifice they made for our country and our freedoms.

John Evans Reports is a weekly editorial from Rep. John Evans, 5th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and published by in an effort to keep the citizens of the area informed on matters of importance to them. Rep. Evans can be reached for further comment or input at his Edinboro Pa office 814-734-2793, Girard, Pa office 814-774-2892, or his Linesville, PA office 814-683-5550.

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