Labor Day Musings…

What do you remember about your first job?

Do you remember how satisfying it was to have money in your pocket that YOU earned?

Do you remember looking at what you had accomplished and taking pride in knowing the YOU did it.

Do you remember being praised by your employer for a job well done?

Many of the first jobs may seem less important to some, just a paper boy, just a farm hand, just a stock boy, just a cashier, just a dishwasher, but to those who do them, and put their heart into them, they are a source of pride and training for life.

The life lessons sometimes are worth more than the compensation in dollars you receive. We learn to be on time, dressed properly for the task, listen to and follow instructions, and complete the assigned work properly and in a timely fashion.

One also learns to interact with others, co-workers and customers, appropriate behavior in the workplace, respect for others and personal responsibility for our actions. You will make mistakes, so you learn to take criticism for your error, learn from it and do better next time.

You also learn how it feels to be at the bottom of the ladder, the young guy/gal on the team, these feelings if remembered could help you be a better manager, supervisor, or even employer in your later years.

You will also come to the realization that sometimes you fail, but the problem is not in what you do with that failure but what you learn from it, how you start again, what you do with what you have learned. Failing is not the end, but the beginning of the next attempt at success.

Finally, if you work long enough you will find what you were made to do, this does not come early or easy for some. Life is full of examples of people climbing the ladder of success, either to find out they don’t like the view or they put their ladder against the wrong wall.

So on this Labor Day, look back and remember where your labors have taken you, and realize how many you benefit everyday with your efforts.

Submitted by Don Seeman, Editor

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