Lancer Letter.. 04-12-2011

Mr. GM
by Richard Scaletta

Is it possible for adolescent males to have fun without being rude, crass or gross? If you answered no, you’ve probably spent time with adolescent males; but, you probably did not attend the annual Mr. GM pageant at the high school last week. This fun event is proof positive that male teenagers can have a great time while promoting a good cause.

The Mr. GM pageant began in 2004. While its title may lead you to believe it is a male version of a beauty pageant, it is nothing of the sort. The gentlemen who compete for the coveted title display their “stuff” in five areas: school spirit, swimsuit, talent, formalwear and spontaneous question and answer. Very little of it is serious, except the fact that this year’s production raised money for tsunami victims in Japan. Each activity is peppered with a good dose of humor and the guys competing most assuredly do not take their “beauty” very seriously.

Events like Mr. GM are important to a school community. It shows that we can come together for an important cause, while having fun and showing support for one another. It shows that teenage guys can be confident in themselves during a time of life known for self-doubt. And, it shows that the school environment is supportive and safe enough for young men to feel secure performing in front of their peers.

The production also involves a panel of “American Idol-like” faculty judges. The participation of Mr. Wible, Mrs. Scaletta and Mr. Jenkins added an important and fun element. They got into the act, demonstrating the great relationships between our faculty and students.

If you have never been to see the Mr. GM production, you definitely want to catch it next year. Mr. Kane and the student council produce a great show and it is yet another event that brings together the GM family. Congratulations to this year’s winners: runner-up Sam Rosenthal and Mr. GM, Eric Lasher.

The Lancer Letter is a weekly editorial by Richard Scaletta, Superintendent of Schools, General McLane School District. Opinions expressed are Mr. Scaletta’s views on the issues and subjects of discussion.

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