Lancer Letter – An Education Allegory

Submitted by Richard Scaletta, GM School District

An Allegory

Many decades ago, the Imperium Civitas decided that the children of the Republic should be counseled and taught. So they asked Publica to take on the long journey of raising up learned children in the Republic.

For many decades, Publica made the journey for the children. For the most part, the journey was along easily traversable land and Publica and the students prospered. But then after the great war, Imperium Civitas Grande became involved. It asked Publica to step up the game in math and science because the Evil Empire was gaining on the Republic. And Publica complied.

Then the Imperium Civitas Grande decided that the most disadvantaged children of the republic needed extra help reading. And Publica complied, now carrying larger and heavier bags on the journey.

Not too long after that, Imperium Civitas Grande noted that the children with challenges to their physical and intellectual being were not part of the journey. So Publica was then expected to educate ALL the children of the Republic, regardless of their challenges. Public complied, picking up more bags for the journey to help these special children.

Over the years, Publica was asked to do more and more. “Since you see all the children,” reasoned the Imperium Civitas, “we shall make you responsible for monitoring the health of the children.” And Publica complied. “Oh, yes” chimed in Imperium Civitas Grande, “you should feed them as well.” And Publica complied.

In the modern era, Socialis Malis became rampant. This caused more challenges for Publica to reach the children and Imperium Civitas responded to Socialis Malis by asking Publica to do more and more. Soon, Publica had many bags strapped to his back for the journey and additionally needed a large cart to continue the journey with all the responsibilities that had been heaped upon Publica.

Though it seemed like Publica could hardly be expected to carry any more for the journey, a movement began with the Occultus Avaritia to take away resources from Publica’s journey and give them to Privatus and Ineffexicus, two other entities attempting to work with the children of the Republic. The Occultus Avaritia was successful in discrediting the efforts of Publica and the Imperium Civitas took resources from Publica to give them to Privatus and Ineffexicus.

Though given some of Publica’s resources, Privatus was not given the same responsibilities as Publica. There was no expectation to serve ALL the children of the Republic and as a matter of fact, Privatus serves a limited, sometimes advantaged population. No accountability is expected for the results with the children as is the case with Publica. Nor was there a requirement for Privatus to account for the resources received.

Similary, Ineffexicus did not have all the same responsibilities as Publica, though more than Privatus. But amazingly, though Ineffiexicus achieved significantly poorer results than Publica, the Occults Avaritia insisted on giving Publica’s resources to Ineffexicus. This perplexes many since the reason the Occults Avaritia gave for stripping Publica of resources was the assertion that Publica’s results were poor.

Recently, the Emperor Contionator took control of the Republic. His disdain for Publica is well-known. Likely, Publica will be expected to carry many more bags on the journey without a cart while more and more of Publica’s resources are given to Privatus and Ineffixicus.

Requiesce in pace, Publica.

End of Allegory.

This week’s allegory was prompted by a recent local court case reported in the Erie Times News. I don’t think many understand what it meant so here’s the story in a nutshell.

Private schools across the country and in Erie have found a lucrative source in foreign students who want an American education. Some have over 100 students attending and these students bring with them a great deal of money.

A large number of these foreign students paying to attend a private school in Erie are living at a dorm at Sparrow Pond located in the Fort LeBoeuf School District. Since LeBoeuf receives NO MONEY from these foreign students, they have resisted efforts to transport these students to the private schools in Erie. LeBoeuf was taken to court and alas, the judge ruled that the taxpayers of Fort Leboeuf should pay to have these students transported to private schools. He ordered the district to pay $26,000 for past transportation efforts to the private entities involved. So, the private school get all the tuition money and the taxpayers pick up the transportation bill.

Nullum sensum facit. Populus adepto nocent.

The Lancer Letter is a weekly editorial by Richard Scaletta, Superintendent of Schools, General McLane School District. Opinions expressed are Mr. Scaletta’s views on the issues and subjects of discussion, and not necessarily those of or our sponsors.

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