Lancer Letter – Lets Laugh

Submitted by Richard Scaletta, GM School District

It’s that time of year when Mother Nature plays her cruel tricks. She taunts us with a sunny, 73 degree day and immediately follows it with a 40 degree temperature drop and snow. We know spring is coming, but we reluctantly admit winter is not yet done.

It is during this time of meteorological goading that we become weary and restless. So, I feel a dose of humor is good during this time to get us through.

Education is more challenging than ever but even with the struggle comes some guffaws. Like the time a mother sent me a note to request her child be tested for “attention defecate disorder.” Brings a whole new meaning to disorder.

Or the time a mother addressed a note to me as the “super attendant.” I suddenly saw myself as a restroom attendant with super powers.

I asked our staff to share a few stories to make us laugh. Here’s what they shared.

Michelle Androstic, librarian at Edinboro Elementary shared this: “A few weeks ago, I was telling the fourth grade students that Destiny, our library website, had gotten an upgrade and it would look different when they logged in…. a boy looked at one of his friends and said (under his breath), ‘My life needs an upgrade.’ It caught me so off guard that I just looked at him and cracked up.”

Lindsay Kirkpatrick, 2nd grade teacher at McKean wrote: “This year (on Veteran’s Day) one of my students was very excited when I told her we would be completing a Veteran’s Day activity later that day, because her dad was a Veteran.
I responded with, “Wow, I didn’t know that!” Her reply?
“Yes, he helps take care of sick animals”……
Veterans, veterinarians…tricky concept “
Gretchen Cunningham, literacy coach and reading intervention specialist shared: “We were reading a book that had a simile on each page comparing something to a color.  During the writing portion of our lesson the student decided to write: My shirt is as green as grass. I discovered that the student needed some help hearing all the sound in words.  (the student left out the “r” in the word, shirt)

And finally, fourth grade teacher from McKean, Jim Pete shared this endearing story about his first day of teaching third grade in North Carolina: “It was my first year of teaching, and I couldn’t have been more excited to be teaching. I had spent my life preparing for that moment, and had spent the summer making my classroom look just right, and had laid out everything to perfection. Every wall was decorated, to give the students visual stimulation. Every table had a purpose…every pod was put together with just the right mix of kids after hours of planning with the second grade team. I had numbered my floor, so each child had a seat, with a nice aisle down the middle so we could move about the room comfortably. As the bell rang, I handed out their student numbers on big index cards, and had them repeat the number after me, then find their seat on the floor.

It was like clockwork. It was perfect. My planning was stupendous. I was clearly going to be a master teaching on day one.

As I sat in front of my class, split into two groups in front of me on the floor, ready to teach them our morning chant, I thought for one brief second…”this is going to be amazing.”

It was at that moment that a young man stood up, stared at the aisle between his classmates, approached it with a big smile on his face, and before I could say a word, he shouted, ‘BOOOOORRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGG,’ then promptly did “The Worm” down the aisle, ending right at my feet. He stood up, gave me a high five, then went back and sat down…leaving me shellshocked.
It was minute five of my teaching career…and I guess there was nowhere to go but up…”

The Lancer Letter is a weekly editorial by Richard Scaletta, Superintendent of Schools, General McLane School District. Opinions expressed are Mr. Scaletta’s views on the issues and subjects of discussion, and not necessarily those of or our sponsors.

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