Local Edinboro Business Closes It’s Doors…..

Monday morning saw the closing of an old Edinboro business… Buck Wheats Agway on the corner of 6N and Angling Road.

Many small business owners face the problem of the box stores and chains moving into the area.

Businesses that for years have done whatever it takes to service their customers only to have them siphoned away by the glitz of a fancy new chain store. Things like customer loyalty to those that have served them for sometimes decades or generations of families, don’t seem to exist anymore.

It happens everywhere, are their any Mom & Pop gas stations anymore?

How often do you pick a corporate chain restaurant over a local establishment?

Do you patronize a locally owned salon or go to the corporate quickie cuts? Do you at least give a local business a chance to bid or give you a price on something you need, before you jump online or run to the box store?

Do you get your autoparts from a chain store before you even check with a local dealer, do you get your adult beverages from a corporate store or a local dealer?

All it takes sometimes is just a simple sale once in a while to help a local business…. a business owned by your neighbors, who’s kids go to school with yours, and who you continually ask for donations for school, church, fire dept… whatever.

Just a thought…. if you want them to survive you know what you have to do…

Don Seeman, Editor and Founder of EdinboroOnline.com

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