Local Non-profit Seeking Help…..

Things have been very busy at Boro Women & Family Services (BWS), 108 High Street, in Edinboro. Over the recent holidays they were able to assist 25 families and 102 individuals with basic and holiday needs. The demand for assistance to families continues to grow and BWS is growing to meet the needs by expanding their office space. When another tenant moved out recently, BWS was able to expand into the additional offices and will be increasing their capabilities as minor renovations are completed.

BWS is experiencing some growing pains of their own. As the incoming cost of supplies for renovations to the BWS building, combines with the ever growing costs incurred in helping those in need, budgets are getting stretched to their limits. BWS does not receive any government funding and continues their work solely on their own fundraising efforts and the help of a few patrons that value their work and want to see it continue.

Many volunteer hours go into fulfilling the needs that BWS is able to meet, but as with anything else it also takes some cash…. in that regard BWS has embarked on a fund raiser and are looking for donations… large and small… to help meet recent shortfalls because demand has been so high.

If you can assist please go to their GoFundMe link and be as generous as you can. Whatever you can give will be a blessing to them and those they serve.

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