Memorial Day 2019….. Remembering

Some brief thoughts from founder-editor, US Navy Veteran: Don Seeman

After the Vietnam Memorial Wall was built I, like many others, wanted to visit it, and finally my opportunity came.

As I approached the wall I could feel emotions building inside, and the feeling that the souls of those named there visited this place often, looking for loved ones.

Part of my mission was to find the name of a friend that was carved in the black stone along with the many other thousands, and after some effort I had finally found his name.

As I stood there looking at the carving and thinking that his past only consisted of 19 years and there was no future for him, and he didn’t have the blessing of a wife, children, and grandkids.

My day became even more emotion filled when to my right I heard some quiet sobbing. I looked and saw a woman about my age with one hand placed on a name on the wall and the other hand holding a tattered letter. I’m sure she had read the letter many times before, but here in this place I’m sure also it was somehow different.

It wasn’t long before I was almost completely overcome, I turned to those I was with and told them they could stay as long as they wished but I had to leave…. the souls, my friend, and this heartbroken woman were too much…..

I share these thoughts to ask that you remember those many thousands, who for them there was no tomorrow. God Bless all who read and share this, your families, and this wonderful place we call home.

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