Message of Faith – Navigating the Magical Kitchen

This weeks Message of Faith submitted by Rev. Joanne Rowden

Rev. Joanne Rowden
Rev. Joanne Rowden

No One Else Can Make You Happy

Navigating the Magical Kitchen

In The Mastery of Love, Don Miguel Ruiz invites us to consider the idea that our hearts are like a magical kitchen that contains everything we need to be fully satisfied. In Unity, we teach the idea that we are all born with all that we need within as well. As you and I turn within, center in an awareness of our Oneness with Divine Mind, we find every perfect Divine Idea to support us in meeting each moment in love.

The key to knowing this is to build a regular and consistent practice of turning within and tuning into the Divine Presence which we know is always present and available. Jesus gave us a parable which I believe speaks of the Truth.

feast-table-webIn the Gospel of Luke 4:16-24, Jesus shares the parable of the master who made a great dinner and invited many. Metaphysically interpreted, the great dinner or feast is the banquet table of Divine ideas that are always present to support us in living our lives at the light of the world. You and I are all invited to this great feast of Divine ideas. Like the magical kitchen in Ruiz’s book, all that we could ever need is available for us within Divine Mind.

The parable goes on to tell us that the master sent his slave to tell all those who were invited that the feast was ready. There were excuses all around for why the guests could no longer attend including the purchase of a field, the purchase of cattle, and a marriage. Moving beyond our current cultural connotations of the word, metaphysically, the idea of the slave going forth reminds me of my intentions to serve God. In the process of living life, I can forget about these intentions to serve God and get caught up in the many excuses which prevent me from attending the banquet, centering in the Divine, and opening to Divine Ideas. When life is going well, I have a beautiful home, wonderful things, fulfilling relationships, I can forget the importance of finding time to rest Divine mind.

In the parable, the Master grows angry and tells the slave to go forth and invite the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame. The slave replies that this has already been done but there is still room. I am reminded of how often times I forget to rest in Divine Mind until something “bad” happens. I may be facing a health, financial or relationship challenge and suddenly I remember that I should pray about this. This part of the parable reminds me that the desire to serve God can occur in those situations when life is challenging. Divine Mind contains every idea to meet those challenging situations with ease and grace.

Finally the Master tells the slave to go out into the roads and lanes and compel people to come so that the house may be filled. On, Ed Rabel tells us the metaphysical meaning of roads and lanes are our daily habits. This part of the parable reminds me that in the day to day living of life, outside of the high points, outside of the low points, it is important to come to the feast offered in Divine Mind through the sustenance and nourishment of Spiritual ideas. In other words, the parable is indicating that there is never a moment in my life where I will not be spiritually sustained and nourished by turning within to the Mind of God. In fact, in serving God, I should always remember to turn within and rest in the Divine.

The parable ends with a curious statement from the master as he tells us that none who were invited will taste my dinner. As I contemplate the metaphysical meaning of this statement, I realize that to be invited alone is not enough. We are all invited. But the invitation is not the same as the experience of the banquet itself. To that, I must say yes. To that, I must be willing. Our spiritual nourishment and sustenance is always available, but unless I say yes and journey within to partake of the feast, I will not tap into the food that is always present and available.

This, too, is what Ruiz reminds us with his metaphor of the magical kitchen. You and I do not need to look out into the world to “fix things.” What we need to do is to partake in the banquet of Divine Ideas supplied by Divine Mind. We will no longer be fixated on fixing problems based on fear, lack and limitation. As we remember that we have all that we need to meet this moment in love, we will be spurred to action based on expressing our love in the possibility this moment provides to reveal the Divine in all its many facets.

To support you in remembering that the Divine feast is within you, fulfilling you in every moment, you are invited to list five reasons you are grateful to be you at the end of each day.

Abundant peace and blessings… Rev. Joanne


Rev. Joanne Rowden
Rev. Joanne Rowden

Rev. Joanne Rowden is the senior minister at Unity Spiritual Center in Westlake, OH. She served as the minister at Unity in Edinboro for 13 years before taking on this new position on November 1, 2014. She lives in Hinckley, OH with her husband.

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