PostNet Provides Printing, Shipping, & Much More

As Nancy & TJ Dolan, owners of PostNet, like to say,”We’re in the plaza, next to Hoss’s on 26th street”. That’s exactly where you’ll find a shop well prepared to help you with your small business or personal printing and shipping needs.

Packing & Shipping Supplies are available. PostNet will also recycle your old shipping materials.

But it’s really much more than that, and the list of provided service almost seems endless. A short list, and by no means complete, would include, banners, posters, blueprints, custom wrapping paper, photographs, booklets, brochures, buttons, water bottles, graphic design, and shipping services with UPS, Fed-Ex, DHL, and USPS.

PostNet will also consult with you to find solutions that work for your business and your budget, and since they are small business owners too, they understand the challenges, and work especially hard to find solutions to your needs and stay within your budget.

Particularly impressive is their wide/large format printing. Special projects up to 42″ wide x 150″ long, and anything in between can be done, with outstanding clarity and color reproduction.

Custom packaging & shipping is available at PostNet

So whether it’s custom wrapping paper you designed for a special occasion, a booklet you need for that big client presentation, or custom boxing a package to send to Grandma in Oregon, PostNet is there to serve you. Give them a call at 814-838-3165 or stop by their shop at 3330 West 26th Street, in Erie (Located in the Village West Plaza)

Click Here to download a brochure and discount coupon from PostNet! would like to welcome PostNet as a new sponsor and supporter. They are another fine example of the small entrepreneur providing the best services.

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