Remembering “Why” We Serve..

Submitted by Don Seeman, editor

Sometimes I think the reason for today is somewhat lost in all the sales, special events, and free dinners at local establishments. Honor is not always what has been offered to those who have returned from doing what their country has asked. Veterans of my generation met with disrespect in the form of obscenities shouted in airports, and long haired hippie types waiting to snag a service member near bases or ports of call, trying to get them to defect to Canada, and renounce the duty an oath had been taken to complete.

I’m sure my classmate, who has his name carved in a black granite wall in Washington DC, would be smiling to at least now, 50 years late, to be receiving handshakes and “Welcome Home” messages or maybe a hot meal. His service and life ended at 19 years of age.

I wear my “veteran” label with much pride and certainly have no regrets for the portion of my life I gave to earn it.

I came across an address that President Reagan gave once…..although it was for a Memorial Day…I think it explains why those who volunteer for service do so… I choke when I listen to his message, and for a reason not all will understand.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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