Snap Fitness Trains Warriors

Snap Fitness realizes that there are many ways through which people strive to be active. They endeavor to be physically, socially, and spiritually active. We work with our gym members who look to become more physically active. Our members work hard to reach their personal physical fitness goals. Many community members also attempt to be socially active by contributing locally and globally. We recognize that people grow spiritually through a variety of activities, especially through congregational worship. Sometimes, physical, social, and spiritual goals overlap. This would be true for a group of local community members.

Team KJ has been formed by 25 men and women in memory of KJ Carroll, an EUP Social Work major, to complete the Pennsylvania Warrior Dash on Saturday, June 11th. The Warrior Dash ( is a 3.5 mile course which includes 12 obstacles such as: Teetering Traverse, Barricade Breakdown, Warrior Wall, and Muddy Mayhem. Nine Team KJ warriors are staff members at Hermitage House. The other team members are wonderful members of the community who are volunteering much time as they train for an intimidating obstacle course.

They are taking on this challenge in order to raise funds for a much-needed chapel at Hermitage House. The Hermitage House youth are currently worshiping in a gym. Chaplain Steve Crowl longs for a “sacred space” where the young people can enter into a quality time of worship and where they can grow in their spiritual relationships with God.

Snap Fitness is a corporate sponsor of this team. We have pledged our support to help raise awareness and funds for them to reach their goal. As our way of saying thanks for any community member who donates to Team KJ, we will offer a one-month guest membership.

Please consider joining Snap Fitness in this endeavor. It takes a Warrior to build a chapel.
It takes many community members to support each Warrior. If you would like to sponsor a Team KJ Warrior,
please mail your donation to Snap Fitness 606 Erie Street c/o Jay Cattron, a Snap Fitness Trainer and member of
Team KJ.

For more information, please contact Jay Cattron or Renee Thayer-Allison at Snap Fitness at 814-273-1100.

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