Thrift Stores

There is a time in many peoples lives when they are in need. It could be from a fire or other disaster, family breakup, loss of a loved one, or the loss of employment. It is always amazing to find that in this time of need there seems to be someone there to help, even though our pride sometimes holds us back from wanting to accept it.

Help can come in many forms, one that we see in our area is Thrift Shops. We will begin to list here ones that we find and information about them. Many who work in these stores consider it their “mission”, and donate countless hours to the cause.

If you are in need please take advantage of the services available. If you have an item that could be “re-cycled” whether it be clothing or other items we need for daily life, please consider donating it to one of the listed stores. They will find a home for it and you will have the satisfaction of knowing in some small way you assisted a neighbor in need.

Hermitage House Thrift Store
233 S. Main Street
Cambridge Springs, PA 16403
Hours: FRI 10AM-3PM, SAT 10AM-3PM, SUN 12PM-4PM

Thrifty Threads
128 Sunset Drive
Edinboro, PA 16412
Tue & Sat 9am to 1pm

City Mission Thrifty Shopper
Mon-Friday 9am to 6pm Sat 10am to 5pm
10081 Ridge Rd # 1
Girard, PA 16417-9403
(814) 774-4256

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