William E. & Mary S. Smith MS Innovative Education Program Grant Awarded

Christina Martin 7-16EDINBORO, PA (July 6, 2016) – The General McLane Foundation has awarded the 2016 William E. and Mary S. Smith Middle School Innovative Education Program Grant to James W. Parker Middle School art teacher Christina Martin.

The $500 grant will be used to purchase iPad stands, photo backdrops and lighting. This equipment will be used to create a permanent documentation station in the art room where students will be able to photograph their two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork in a professional manner.

“In the middle school art room, I am fortunate to see many great works of art created by my students. I want to take this a step further and relate it to real-world applications by teaching students how to document their work in a professional manner,” Martin said. “Documentation is an important process for an artist and can have major impact on their success.”

Documentation will coincide with Schoology, an innovative learning management system (LMS) and social network that makes it easy to create and share academic content. This app was introduced to parents and students in the District last school year. All students will be creating on online art portfolio using the Schoology app, which will include importing images of their assignments.

Martin said secondary lessons that will utilize the iPad stands are stop animation and green screen lessons.

“With the advantage of students having their own iPad the uses for this equipment is plenty,” she said, “My goal is to show students how professional artists work. Documentation is a very important aspect of the profession. At the same time, the lessons described will also teach students how to pay attention to detail, improve their photography skills and how to create an ongoing visual record of their artwork.”

The grant stems from former James W. Parker Middle School math teacher Bill Smith and his wife, Mary. These classroom grants provide middle school teachers with up to $500 for special projects/activities/enhancements. Since 2013, eleven JWPMS teachers have received this grant to enhance their curriculum.

“Grants like the Smith Grant are very important to educators,” Martin said. “Through this grant, I am able to take my lessons to the next level. I can add important elements to my curriculum, which I know will have an immediate impact on my students.”

The General McLane Foundation was founded in 2005 as an organization exclusively for charitable educational purposes that will benefit the students of the General McLane School District. Each year, the Foundation hosts the Holiday Arts Fair and the Golf Outing – two major events that help fund scholarships to graduating seniors.
To learn more about the General McLane Foundation, visit generalmclane.org.

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