There are a lot of different places part of the Edinboro community. We hope that this page will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for. This will be for any business. If you don’t see the business you are looking for let us know through the contact page so that we can reach out to that business or non profit. That business can also reach out to us.

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Restaurant, Bar and Grills

Have a busy day and don’t want to cook? Maybe you just need a drink before after work. Try out one of these places. Not only do they have great food but different actives such as live music, trivia nights, happy hour, and a great at

Home and Landscaping Improvements

From making your lawn look good after the winter months, Needing to do some much needed home improvements. These businesses will be able to help you out!

Health and Beauty

Need to make sure you are in top physical shape? Thinking you need to start to reinvent yourself. That can be getting back on the healthy track by going to a gym or even a new look. Here are a couple of places that you can start with.

Local Stores

Looking for community stores that sell anything that you might need. Food, car parts, antiques, crafts, and more. You can find everything you need here.

Spiritual Establishment

Whether you are new to an area or searching for a new faith. Here are a places for local prayer and spiritual places to re-charge your battery.

Local Education

The schools are a huge part of the community visit. Here we have all the different sites you need to get any information you need.

Hangout Spots

Here are some great hang out spots around town.

Local Services

Here are some different services that are provided by businesses and members of the community. From Day care, tutoring, dog sitting, many other services.