General McLane in need of Drivers

The following was sent out by Matt Lane the Superintended of General McLane School District. With a shortage of bus drivers it will mean that children may have earlier times to get picked up and longer times to be dropped off with longer routes. This letter that was sent out by Matt Lane is explaining the situation and asking if any would like to be a driver with a application that is attached. Do you think you have what it takes to be a bus driver?

Hello, GM Family. We, like many districts, continue to navigate the challenges resulting from a shortage of bus drivers. The situation has become more acute in the last several weeks, and our transportation department has been endlessly creative in creating coverage options. In the event that we don’t have enough drivers to fill our routes in an emergency situation, we would notify families of buses/buildings that would either be picking up students later than scheduled in the morning or getting them home later than scheduled in the afternoon, depending upon the time we were short-staffed.

Obviously, we know how inconvenient and disruptive this would be to families and students, so we will continue to do everything possible to avoid any of the scenarios described above. Thank you in advance for your help and patience with this matter. I’ve attached an application to be a driver if you or anyone you know would be interested.

Matt Lane – Superintendent

General McLane is aware of the problem and is trying to resolve before it gets any worse. If you know of anyone that would like this job. Please direct them to apply.