Night Time Fire Hydrant Flushing – Washington Township

April 3rd – 8th Maintenance work will be Happening for the Washington Township for all of the Fire Hydrant.

Employees of Washington Township will be performing the semi-annual flushing of all fire hydrants along the public water system during the weeknights of April 3rd through April 8th, 2022. If you observe Township employees exercising the valves and flushing the hydrants in front of your home during that period, please excuse the intrusion into your neighborhood.

The hydrants will be flushed to remove stranding water and to be lubricated as part of an ongoing maintenance plan. There may be a sudden drop in pressure as each hydrant is flushed. This is a normal, yet temporary, occurrence during this maintenance operation. A slight staining may occur as a result of the flushing activity. To remedy this situation, customer are asked to let the cold water tap run until water clears. What residents will be able to see are the rust deposits that have been loosened during the multiple acts of changing the velocity of the water through the main lines by opening and closing the hydrants. Should any questions arise, you are asked to call Washington Township Administrative Office at (814)734-3117.