Dads Change Diapers, Too!!!

This one is to all of the businesses and organizations out there!

Own a business where families come to sit and eat? Or maybe a place where friends and family gather? In any case, it is always important to have a public restroom with a changing table. One important factor to consider as a business owner is the location of the changing table. Most businesses place their changing tables in public restrooms or the women’s restroom, without considering that dads are out there changing diapers, too.

Gerber has sponsored a project with the Erie County Department of Health to provide diaper changing tables to be installed in men’s public restrooms around the county. Recently there has been a slow down in requests by businesses needing changing tables. As of 5/10/22, there are 14 changing tables that are still available to be distributed.

If you are interested in requesting a changing table for your men’s restroom, you will need to complete the survey at After completing the survey, an Erie County Department of Health representative will reach out to ask you a few more questions to ensure that the facility meets the requirements set forth by Gerber.

This is a great opportunity to help fathers everywhere be able to change diapers, too.

The following Flyer gives some more information about the changing tables.